12 months|january 2014

I had to think on this one hard.  Do I want to do this? Can I do it this time? I’ve tried a 365 project….twice. I’ve failed/stopped twice.  I did not find it inspiring, I did not find it pushing me.  I take photos everyday…with my digital manual, with my film manual, with my phone….I’m always taking photos. That’s what I do.  The concept of “taking a photo every day for one year”…was nothing new.  In my mind I couldn’t figure out how to differentiate between the “project” photos and my regular everyday photos I was taking.

I’m trying again though.

But with more to back the idea up.

*12 months.  Each month I’m giving myself and idea, a theme, a concept, a skill….and using that throughout the month to capture photos and moments.  I might have 30 photos on the dot, I might have more, I might have less.  The idea is what will be constant.*  I realized I just need to push myself more, get back into regular photo taking…and photo learning.  Jumpstarting this slump I’ve felt for such a long while.

This month my fluff-a-lumps are the stars.  I decided to catch them sleeping.  Not too hard because they are huge lazies and sleep all.the.time. 🙂  I never realized all the locations they would try and sneak sleep in though…or all the consistent places they landed at.

Here is my January.



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