12 months|february 2014

*12 months.  Each month I’m giving myself and idea, a theme, a concept, a skill….and using that throughout the month to capture photos and moments.  I might have 30 photos on the dot, I might have more, I might have less.  The idea is what will be constant.*

This month I decided to be stealthy, and sneaky…be solely observant, not interactive with the subjects (aka, my girls).  This proved proved to be extremely difficult, my children seem to always.know.where.i.am. It is really hard to hide from them apparently.  Good to know! 🙂

Here is my February.

image-70 image-69 image-68 image-67 image-66 image-65 image-64 image-63 image-62image-41 image-61 image-60 image-59 image-58 image-57 image-56 image-55 image-54 image-53 image-52 image-51 image-50 image-49 image-48 image-46 image-45 image-44 image-43 image-42


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