Tell Me A Story|April 2014

I am behind, ugh. I missed last month….Between traveling, and this ridiculous weather we have in WY (affecting our internet), I just dropped the ball. I still have a post, I need to dedicate some time to posting it. In the meanwhile, I’m ON time for April’s edition, whew!
We have had the craziest weather. Ever. Perhaps this is normal and expected here in Wyoming for the natives…its quite crazy for us. Winter has had a firm hold on our part of the country. We’ve spent a lot of time indoors….with little peeks of sunshine-snow-melting-play-outside-when-we-can…..sadly, that is not happening this week. When we’re stuck inside, we ransack the arts & crafts shelves. I am a person who dawdles around the clearance section of any/all stores, always on the look out for treasures and project ideas to stock our arts & craft shelves just for days like this. BOY have we had a lot of days like this! The bigger princess decided it would be fun to try Origami. Let me precede this by saying that I am a messy artist. I am organized and a little bit OCD with set up and clean up for art projects…but I’m not a rigid artist. I’m a go-with-the-flow artist. Origami wouldn’t have been my top pick, but hey. So…..we started. Making super crisp folds (well, not really, they were kinda lumpy)…folding exactly on the lines (well, they were just a weeeee bit crooked, nothing a crunch and another fold can’t fix, right?)….and following CRAZY directions missing steps! We at least had a good giggle over how our masterpieces were turning (or not turning) out, hahaha. Last one we stopped with was a “fluttering butterfly”…and lo and behold, ALL the directions were correct! Yahoo! Best part of this butterfly? You “toss” it and each one does their own thing (guess that is where the crazy lumpy folds come into play, hahaha). My butterfly did kamikaze spin rolls through the air and landed with a beautiful PLOP each and every time. The princess’s butterfly would do a beautiful short soar, before nose diving. 🙂 All in all….origami is fun. If you pick the right animal to fold. Hahaha.

“Easy Origami”…..sure.












Follow the circle and go see what Sharleen has to show you! 🙂

See you next month!


7 thoughts on “Tell Me A Story|April 2014

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  3. Arts and crafts was always one of my favorite things to do – it encourages imagination – just like books. I love the look on your daughters face as she is looking up after she lets the plane go. Just beautiful. Seems like you had a fun day.

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