Tell Me A Story|June 2014


she dreams in twirls, and wants nothing more than to be able to soar in the clouds.

she’s my world

she’s my light

she reminds me to laugh, and to see the beauty….in everything.






she runs towards me, masked in a mischievous grin

excitedly whispers a secret in my ear and runs off

the sound of her giggles chasing after her.

always one of my favorite moments that repeats itself often.





this girl, i love her.

i love her heart

i love her spirit

i love her sense of love

i love her dreams

i love her laughter

she is just pure contagious beauty.





Please enjoy the work of the rest of the circle…click here to see Anika’s post for this month.  🙂


5 thoughts on “Tell Me A Story|June 2014

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  3. Julie, did you freelens these photos? It is an art I have yet to achieve. I love the photos, especially the 5th photo and the second last photo. Great Captures.

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