eventually, forever




i dream…

and dream, and dream, and dream

of our place

a place we will stay put

there are many who are so so lucky

to be still

to have set down roots

to always know where you will lay your head down to sleep

always in one constant place


a wandering life we’ve led

enjoying our sightseeing

and adventures through life

snapshots fill my mind…

so many countries visited

so many homes we’ve nestled in

it’s exhilarating

to live a wandering life

but it also serves as a constant reminder…

that we haven’t any of our own family roots planted


but for now, in my dreams they are

i have painted the walls

i have planted our garden

i watch my girls growing

i enjoy watching the girls playing with our pups

while i am seated on our front porch

in my mind

and in my dreams

our roots are firmly planted

we’ll have our forever



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